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Private Mortgage Lenders Still Lending During a Pandemic

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Regardless of what a pandemic has done to the world economy, private mortgage lenders are still lending. This is because mortgages, especially residential, are undoubtedly their largest source of profit. They faced quite a few challenges since the pandemic began and during this tough time, have learned to overcome them …

Common Scams Targeted at Seniors

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Scams and frauds targeted at seniors are not unfounded.  34% of Canadians have previously fallen victim to fraud, at a cost of $100 million each year – $20 million of which comes from retirees. HomeEquity Bank, the leading lender in CHIP Reverse Mortgages has partnered with renowned conman-turned-fraud-expert Frank W. …

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5 Best Commercial Real Estate Investments

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Are you looking for the best commercial real estate to invest in today? You will probably need a commercial mortgage to seal the deal. Real estate is one of the best choices to invest your money. It can become an excellent long-term investment where it can provide an ongoing passive …

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Do you Qualify for a Commercial Mortgage?

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One difference between a commercial mortgage and a residential one is the commercial borrower would be a business, not an individual. Your business is growing! That’s amazing because our economy could sure use a boost. It’s a much more difficult process but hang in there. I can help you get …