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Private Mortgage Lenders Still Lending During a Pandemic

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Regardless of what a pandemic has done to the world economy, private mortgage lenders are still lending. This is because mortgages, especially residential, are undoubtedly their largest source of profit. They faced quite a few challenges since the pandemic began and during this tough time, have learned to overcome them …

commercial loans and construction loans

Borrowing Funds for a Commercial Loan in 5 Steps

Chris Gallant Commercial Mortgage

Commercial loans, as well as construction loans, are more complicated than residential loans. When seeking a commercial loan, especially a construction loan, most borrowers have 3 burning questions they need to be answered first. What’s involved in the commercial loan or construction loan process? What it is based on? Why …

Canadian Residential Mortgages

Guideline B20: Canadian Residential Mortgages

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The Government of Canada placed into effect a very important mandate called Guideline B20. It requires financial institutions and mortgage brokers to provide sound residential mortgage underwriting practices. This was done to reduce the risk of financial loss for lenders. Securing and protect lenders’ finances ultimately reduces the risk and …

retirement plan

Retirement Plan Revamp in the Face of the COVID-19 Crisis

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Having a well-thought-through retirement plan is a sure way to avoid outliving your savings. Canadians are living longer than ever. However, the current market volatility caused by the COVID pandemic has made your plan unrealistic. The COVID-19 crisis leaves many Canadians with a retirement plan based on old assumptions. Perhaps …