Mortgage financing allows commercial and residential clients to obtain loans to build their dreams.

As a mortgage agent, I specialize in commercial and residential mortgage financing, as well as loans. More specifically, I tackle those mortgages and loans that are not cookie-cutter and more difficult to secure. As a licensed agent with Unimor Capital Corporation, I can offer my clients access to many banks, financial institutions, and private lenders.

Hiring a Mortgage Agent

You’re probably wondering if you should consider hiring a mortgage agent. Shopping for a mortgage can take time and patience. One way to reduce the legwork and increase the possibility of getting a better deal is to hire an agent like me.

Think of me as a type of matchmaker; one who is able to connect you to the lender who can best meet your specific needs. I can shop dozens of lenders to get you the best pricing and negotiate better terms and rates on your behalf. Plus, if your bank turns you down, I have many other resources to help you get your mortgage.

Moreover, I am legally required to disclose my compensation in writing to you, and I am licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

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